Numerous articles about the Schoenstein approach to organ building have appeared over the years in The American Organist, The Diapason, Organists' Review, Choir and Organ, and The Journal of the International Society of Organ Builders, among others. Here are three important articles published in The Diapason that describe our approach to building organs:

The first article is available in two parts:

A Brief for the Symphonic Organ
Organ Design and the Kraft Music Hall
Reverberation: Serving Sound or Serving Music?
First United Methodist Church, Birmingham, Michigan
Historic Aeolian-Skinner installed in Amarillo, Texas

Polishing a Gem, First Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

If you have access to past issues of The American Organist, here are a few that have interesting articles on us:

December 1988
August 1990
March 1993
January 1997
January 1998
January 1999
January 2000
January 2004
January 2005
January 2006
January 2007
January 2008
January 2009
January 2010
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